Happy Birthday, Mozart!

To mark Mozart’s 259th birthday (goodness, but he’s getting up there!), I thought I’d feature one of his compositions that’s very special to me: the Concerto for Flute, Harp, and Orchestra in C Major, K. 299/297c.

My parents played a lot of classical music when I was growing up, and this was one of the main pieces that inspired me to take up the flute–a decision that literally changed the course of my life. (I also wanted to learn to play the harp, but while I could play flute in the school band, harp unsurprisingly wasn’t offered…. Maybe when I retire I’ll finally fulfill that dream!) Even now, listening to the piece makes me think of sunny Saturday afternoons, listening and dreaming about being able to make beautiful music.

The video I’ve linked is only the second movement, Andantino. If you’d like to listen to the whole concerto uninterrupted, it’s available on Youtube right here. This movement is also available on one of the CDs in my library, Vocalise, available for current students to check out at their lesson.

Have a terrific Tuesday, all!


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