Anything Can Be An Instrument: Wine Glass Edition

Every since I was a kid, the idea that wine glasses can double as musical instruments has fascinated me. Whenever my family visited my grandparents in Newfoundland, I always wanted my grandparents to bring out the wine glasses so I could play with them, and luckily for me, they’ve always been super-generous when it comes to me and music. (Thanks, Grannie and Granddad!)

It was hard to get exact notes with ordinary wine glasses–mostly I experimented with how the sound changed when I drank (water!) from the glasses. But as it turns out, if I ever wanted to play the glass harp (as it’s called when people play music on multiple wine glasses), my life would be made a whole lot easier by this set of musical wine glasses.

Musical Wine Glass

One musical wine glass. What kind of scale is printed on the outside?

Musical Wine Glasses

Two musical wine glasses! What interval would you get if you played them both together?

Unfortunately, the set is currently sold out. In the meantime, though, why not take a listen to a perhaps familiar song played on the glass harp?


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