A Violin Straight Out of Science Fiction

As much as the above picture looks like a still from an upcoming science fiction movie, this instrument is fact, not fiction! It’s actually the result of 3D printing, made by MONAD Studio for an installation earlier this month.

The 2-string piezoelectric violin was part of 3D Print Week NY, along with a 3D-printed cello and electric bass. Two more instruments, small and large didgeridoos, were also going to be a part of the collection (but the artists ran out of time to make them!).

When I first saw the picture of the violin, I tried to imagine what it might sound like. Later, I found this video of a duet between the violin and the cello and…well, my imagination wasn’t even close! Did anyone guess right?

To hear the electric guitar being played, check out this article by 3D Print.com.


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