An Old Poetry Form Meets New Music

One of my favourite forms of creativity is when people connect the past with the present by putting a new spin on an old art form. I’ve already talked about Wendy Carlos and her Switched-On Bach album–now here’s something both similar and very different.

Every Thursday, Erik Didriksen posts a new sonnet on his blog on Tumblr (Note: the site is recommended for ages 13+. Some of the poetry may not be suitable for younger audiences). A sonnet is a type of poetry that follows very strict guidelines, created almost eight hundred years ago by Giacomo da Lentini. Many poets over the centuries have written both beautiful and funny sonnets, and it remains a reasonably popular form of poetry even now.

Didriksen’s poetry, however, is a little…different.

"We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" as written by Erik Didriksen.

Wait a minute…there’s something funny about this sonnet.

As of this posting, there are 59 sonnets on Didriksen’s blog, transforming songs by artists ranging from One Direction to Black Sabbath. He also has a book coming out in October. I can’t wait to read it!


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