Old-School Technology Plays Old-School Music

With less than a week to go before Halloween, I thought it would be fun to feature a piece of classical music that’s often used in the background of haunted houses and the like: Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor. But, as usual, there’s a twist:

Instead of being played on an organ, as is traditional, this Youtube user has set up eight floppy disk drives to play the music. Those of you my age and older will probably remember this noisy (but not usually musical) form of technology; for anyone born much later: these are the ancestor to USB flash drives, though they could store not even close to the same amount of data.

There are plenty of floppy disk drive remixes of music out there, including one of the Pirates of the Caribbean theme on forty (!) of them. If you’ve got a bit of spare time, why not check them out? And Happy Halloween!


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