Happy New Year With the Wheel Of Musical Impressions!

Happy 2016, everyone! I hope you all had a great holiday and are ready to meet the new year’s joys and challenges head-on!

First of all, I have a little site news: on Christmas Day, I became a kitty foster parent for the first time, and I’ve already had my first success story! I’ve added a section on my website where you can see who I’m hosting as well as read about the kitties who found their forever homes with loving families. I hope that if you’re in the Ottawa area and looking to add some warmth and fuzziness to your life that you’ll consider adopting one of the cats from J’s Animal Rescue!

Second, here I am with my first musical link of the new year! I first learned of Jimmy Fallon’s Wheel of Musical Impressions a little while ago. Guests on his show are randomly assigned a singer to imitate and a song to sing. Since singers work very hard to have their own, unique sound and tend to be well known for the music they specialise in, the results can be pretty funny!

Here’s a video of Ariana Grande guest starring on the show, including the amazing duet she and Jimmy Fallon sing at the end:

If you’d prefer to skip to a singer/song in particular, you can click the links below:

Britney Spears singing Mary Had a Little Lamb
Aaron Neville singing Cheerleader
Christina Aguilera singing The Wheels on the Bus
Sting singing I Can’t Feel My Face
Celine Dion (and Sting!) singing I Can’t Feel My Face


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