Making Friends With Music

Here on this blog, we’ve been exploring the ways music brings not only people together, but people and animals. We’ve seen a girl play violin for her bird, and a violinist warming up with a pair of elephants. Today, it’s a friendly bassoonist’s turn:

What a cute way to interact! I wonder if those two became friends….


Musical Birds and Beasts: Elephant Edition!

As I’d already discovered, it isn’t only humans who love music: birds and animals love it, too! Last time, we looked at small fans of music. This time, here’s a pair of very large music-lovers!

Eleanor Bartsch was warming up for a concert at the Circus World Museum in Wisconsin. While she was playing Bach’s Concerto for Two Violins in D Minor, she noticed that she had acquired a rather unusual audience…one that wasn’t shy about dancing in public, either!

It’s so great to make a connection with others through music, whether they’re human or not. I hope to be able to feature more of these delightful moments on my blog in the future!

Musical Birds and Beasts!

I’m lucky enough to share my apartment and studio with my cat, Callie:


Here’s Callie hanging out in my old studio on PEI.

Callie is a big fan of the piano and will often jump up on the bench to listen to me (and my cat fan students) play. She’s less fond of the flute–she meows when I play too high–and she doesn’t like the recorder. If I’m sitting down while practicing, she’ll jump into my lap and nip at my hands to try to get me to stop!

She’s not the only musical creature around, though: A while back I found a video of a young violinist and her bird friend. Playing the violin is challenging enough–performing while making sure to keep your bow steady enough so your friend doesn’t fall off takes real skill!